Tindred Spirits Part 1: “The Hook”

These works are the reflections of a member to a culture in which “hook-ups” have grown in their prevalence, preferability, and, in turn, destruction. This is part one of “Tindred Spirits” titled, “The Hook”:

The culture in which a large sum of young individuals exist seems to incessantly portray a concept of physical beauty in its media, practices, and portrayals. Transient behaviors in relationships, especially those of the physical sort, cause the breaking of pieces from a whole being to consequently leave behind remnants, scars, and questions, lots and lots of questions.

Written, photographed, and produced by Madison Mead whom all photo rights are reserved to.

Modeled by Raechel Dant.

“The Hook”

A whole cannot be if only pieces are shared.

Parts of a body given with a mind sparsely paired.

Sentences broken, silence filling the spaces–

because a young soul sought value between lips and in front of faces.

A forgotten bone lies dusty within discarded sheets–

A hand darkened by time passed is stowed beneath a back seat.

If only someone would have warned,

or perhaps if she would have been listening.

That hook will descend armored in bait to entice,

to capture its unwitting prey, then, to return to the surface,

curve and point glistening–

and unscathed.

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