Hi there!

Madison, aka Mulling Mind, here. Former small-town girl (by location, never at heart) turned Twin Cities transplant. I have a deep love for my Nikon Z6 and the world we live in. Photography is a lens through which I may mull over it’s beauty and connect with the people and stories within it.

Currently I am a junior at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design studying Entrepreneurial Studies and Filmmaking. If you didn’t catch that one- I’m pursuing a business degree at art school, which means– I suppose– my right brain often triumphs the left.

I supply a creative eye and years of experience to a wide variety of photographic needs, but most specifically I specialize in portraiture, fashion, events, and brand content.

Whether an elaborate, populated event or some personal solitude in nature, I attempt to engage with and capture the essence of my surroundings. I’m about as in-the-moment a person can be, and love company. Let’s shoot!

For pricing, booking, or collaboration opportunities please complete a contact form and I will be in touch as immediately as possible!

a mulling mind | Madison Mead

Email - contact@themullingmindofmadi.com   |   Instagram - @mullingmind

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